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    I want to impact people. I want to bring happiness around me. I want it to matter. Whether it’s a wedding, family or little kiddos I’m shooting my goal is to not only leave you with a set of beautiful images but a memory of an enjoyable experience.

    My style as a photographer is a hybrid between photo-journalism, art photography and portrait photography. I got my BFA in fine art photography and I aim to be timeless and one-of-a-kind with my work. I want each image to be unique to it’s owner! I love colour and fun in photography (and let’s face it; in life general). Having your picture taken shouldn’t be a dull experience. I adapt my approach with every client because every client is unique and different AND AWESOME. Some clients flourish if you give them more space and you’re a fly on the wall. Others like more feedback and commentary while the shooting is happening. I feel like a photographer should do their best to make you feel comfortable (because most people already are aware there’s a camera in the room). I chat as much or as little to make you comfortable and sometimes even snap when you least expect it to get the candid moments.

    My heart beats for my family. My daughter, Eila is my reason to be better, try harder and love stronger. My husband is my BFF and he’s quite adorable as well.

    I also love cookies, cupcakes, thrifting (people always say I find the best stuff!) and Netflix. I also love fresh cut grass (the smell is the best ever), polka-dots and stripes and interior design. Oh yeah and of course I love my home-Finland and singing to Taylor Swift loudly in my car. And yep, I love The Bachelor and all the Real Housewives! And Jesus is pretty cool too.


I can’t deal with the cuteness Camille is and her bump is just beyond adorable!!! #pregnantgirlgoals

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I hope you all had a great Easter with your loved ones and a heart full of thankfulness and joy!!
You know when I think about Steele and Shelby there’s a word that comes to my mind: JOY. These two are full of joy and it’s contagious!!! I can’t wait to share more from their engagement session!!
Congrats you guys! I’m so excited to be your wedding photographer and you guys are just so darn precious!!!

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I think universe can be cruel sometimes when it sure and well knows my baby fever is to the max (no pun intended) and then I have all these session with  babies and newborns and I’m like ‘OMG I NEED ANOTHER, RIGHT NOW?!!!’.

I mean, just look at this cutie pie!! Max is beyond precious and he’s so well loved and taken care for!!

Welcome to the world!!

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You know when it’s spring and it’s gorgeous out and cherry blossom trees are blooming and you have the cutest family ever in front of your camera…aka PERFECTION!


More from this session later!!

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Happy Friday you guys!! This past week your homegirl,Hanna (and why am I talking about myself in third person is a question…) turned 33. I had all these big plans to make some self portraits where I look all ageless and wise and wrinkles and calm and you know, did I mentioned radiant? Well. That plan didn’t work out but turns out I’ll be 33 for the whole year so I have still time do make those radiant and wise self portraits later on this year or this month.

To celebrate my birthday my dear friend, Laura came to visit and it was such a treat! As we were eating dinner I noticed the light and Laura’s gorgeousness (I mean, I always notice it, she’s just stuuuuunning) and I had a little photoshoot of her, the light and her gorgeousness right in our kitchen. Because that’s what you do when inspiration hits you guys. You quit eating and start shooting.

So thankful for friendships, donuts and another year on this planet!!

You all have a great weekend!!!!

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