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Random Fridays:::Myspace Posing:::

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Happy Friday and while I’m at it..Happy December! I think as soon as December hit so did the frost! Every morning this week that I have taken out our little kiddos out it seems that the grass has been covered in frost! I kinda love it especially Christmas just being around the corner! If you […]

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Random Fridays:::Baby Heaven:::

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I’ve said this to people many times: When I think about heaven, there’s at least 3 things in my heaven: babies, puppies and all you can eat buffets. So, yeah of course when I go to heaven I want to see my family and friends there but after family and friends, I hope to see […]

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Random Fridays:::2007 Edition

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I could have put many self portraits here that you would have laughed at. You would have literally laughed your butt bad, so embarrassing..and yet so funny. I have taken some funny and interesting self portraits but this by far as been one of my favorites. I spent 50 cents on that dress and […]

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Random Fridays:::North Carolina Loooove


A couple weeks ago me and my husband took a trip to Chapel Hill, North Carolina to spend time with my aunt and uncle who are in Chapel Hill from Brussels (obviously they’re both Fins but have been living in Brussels for years). Risto (my aunt’s husband) works for European Union and is working closely […]

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Finland Post #2: Random Finland

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What a week it has been. I’m back from North Caroline from visiting family (blog post coming up from that soon soon soon) and I’ve been playing catch up with work all week. It’s always hard to go back to work after you’ve taken some super relaxing days off. But I love being home and […]

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