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Christmas Card Craziness

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I don’t know about how family portraits go in your family, but I know, it’s tough in mine. Mainly because two of our family members, Parker and Jenny have four legs and don’t want to be still. It’s also hard when your husband doesn’t love to be in front of the camera. It’s also challenging […]

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Family Ties

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I took pictures for my brother-in-law’s family a while back. My two nephews, Andrew and Braden are so cute and full of was so much fun! Andrew is really impressed by everything in the world and it’s great to see how excited he gets. I only wish us adults could be that way. We […]

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Take me back to Mexico!

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I love Winter as an idea. Like in my head winter seems amazing. I think about fire in our fireplace, I think about candles, I think about reindeer and I think about Christmas. It sounds so amazing in my head. Well, reality is a lot different. I love winter when I get to be inside […]

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First Thanksgiving

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Title doesn’t really tell you the truth. No, this year’s thanksgiving wasn’t my first thanksgiving. I love this very American holiday..I love to have people I love around me but let’s face it..I love eating.  I’ve eaten plenty of turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy and sweetpotato casserole in my past. But this was the first thanksgiving […]

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As I’m getting ready (by getting ready I mean as I’m wearing loose pants with an elastic band) I can’t help but really think about all the things I’m so thankful for. All and all I’m a blessed woman. I don’t deserve most of the good things that God has given me, yet, He has […]

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