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How to feel miserable as an artist.


I got my BFA in photography and art. Have I ever been able to call myself an artist? No. Have I ever been starving? No. Do I wear a baret? No. So the signs say, I’m not an artist. But I got my degree in art. But still, am I an artist? I don’t know. […]

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1970 Volkswagen

IMG_5912 copy

Meet my love. Or should I say ‘my father’s love’. This is my old ride that I drive to school. Isn’t she just the most gorgeous piece of metal you’ve ever seen? When I was younger my dad surprised me with this beautiful vintage car and ever since she has hold a special place in […]

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Hats etc.


So do you have something that makes you feel good when you put it on? I have hats. I think my head was made for hats. But every time I wear hats I feel overdressed. I have this idea you can only wear hats at the Derby and in a some fancy Elton John party. […]

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