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First Thanksgiving

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Title doesn’t really tell you the truth. No, this year’s thanksgiving wasn’t my first thanksgiving. I love this very American holiday..I love to have people I love around me but let’s face it..I love eating.  I’ve eaten plenty of turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy and sweetpotato casserole in my past. But this was the first thanksgiving […]

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As I’m getting ready (by getting ready I mean as I’m wearing loose pants with an elastic band) I can’t help but really think about all the things I’m so thankful for. All and all I’m a blessed woman. I don’t deserve most of the good things that God has given me, yet, He has […]

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A week before my I Do.


I know, I’ve lately put many pictures of my own face here. But you know, deal with it. It’s my blog and I post what I think it’s appropriate and necessary. Yep. Deal with it. So, I got married to my husband in 2009. September 5th, 2009 to be exact. This seemed to be the […]

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Dear Self.

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I have taken many self-portraits and one could say, I’ve mastered it. Ok, maybe I haven’t, but I have learned to play around and be able to get the result I want most of the time. As much as I’m behind the camera, being in front of the camera is really awkward for me. Unless […]

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