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When I went to shoot an engagement session a couple weeks back I saw these pretty pretty flowers by the side of the road. I’m not sure if they’re weeds or not but I don’t care, they were gooorgeous. I made a couple of bouquets to take home with me because I love love love […]

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Random Fridays: Cactus Tile

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Oi Random Fridays. I was going through some old pictures (well, a year old) and found this picture I took back in March 2010 of our living room. Since then we have changed the tile and painted the mantel. Why you might ask? Well, believe it not, we’re not really into the cactus tile-look. At […]

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Worth the investment

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All I really ever want from a bride and groom who hires me to just believe in me. I want to them to just relax and enjoy their wedding day. I want to relieve stress. By the time the couple signs the contract, I want them to have 100% faith in me. Sometimes I get […]

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Derby Gal: Kristin


Instead of doing Random Fridays I just thought I’d share this photoshoot I had with the lovely Kristin (I need start calling her Kdog, I think it’d be a fabulous nick name!). The theme was Derby and the location was somewhere where we trespassed. I know. I’m baaaad. And I did something illegal. Scandalous indeed. […]

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50 seconds of movie stardom

I’m going to make this short and schweet (my 1 year of studying German and all I learned that in German they use sch-combo A LOT!). A month ago or so me and my husband took a little drive and decided to do this home video type of promotional video. Or music video, or moving […]

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