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Random Fridays::Sweet Jenny:::

IMG_5061 copy

I’ve been a bit quiet here in da bloggers. Reason why? I’ve been megaultra busy editing. SO much so that I’ve been getting a daily case of migraines staring at the monitor of mine. Thank God for ibuprofen is all I can say! I can’t wait to share a couple of weddings with you in […]

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Random Fridays:::Hanna’s Tip Time, y’all!

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It’s Friday and I thought about sharing a little tip here that can make your photo session/wedding portraits ROCK. This tip is for my gals out there. Consider investing $5 on a pair of fake eyelashes. I’m not talking about the gold and colourful ones but the ones that look super natural and you can […]

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Wedding Photographer=Rock Star

HannaWedding060411-590 copy

This might be the very first image that I have had someone taking of me while shooting a wedding. Why is this so? Because until now I have somehow thought I can be a one man’s band. Actually, I still can be, but sometimes when I feel like the wedding I’m shooting is bigger than […]

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Random Fridays: Thank God for Husbands

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Hey guys!I feel like I’ve been all business and no personal here in my blog. Granted, this is my business blog, so no need to get too personal. But. But I’m an open book and I’d like to take a moment to be totally random since it’s a Friday and talk life! First of […]

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Random Fridays: Swamp Feet


I’m not graceful. NOT AT ALL. Just check out my beautiful muddy feet below. I had a grand idea that I wanted to use a swamp as a backdrop for a fashion shoot I did. What a grand idea it was. I took my first 2 steps and I yelled “Oh this should be alright, […]

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