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Betsy&Jonathan:::Wedding:::Lexington, KY


I can’t say enough good things about Betsy and Jonathan. Just not enough good things there are to say about these two love birds. It was easy to see their love for each other when they turned towards each other as they saw each other for the first time. First looks are amazing in that […]

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One Frame:::Morgan&Mark:::

IMG_6101 copy

Happy Monday all my lovelies! It’s a dark and rainy Monday, that’s what it is. It’s alright though, I prefer this sort of weather because I have a TON of editing to do and a perky, sunny weather would be just depressing since I have to stay indoors.  At this time, I’m pretty much swamped […]

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Random Fridays:::2007 Edition

IMG_2702 copy

I could have put many self portraits here that you would have laughed at. You would have literally laughed your butt bad, so embarrassing..and yet so funny. I have taken some funny and interesting self portraits but this by far as been one of my favorites. I spent 50 cents on that dress and […]

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One Frame:::Megan&Kevin:::

IMG_3729 copy-2

Happy Monday you all! First of all, I have a confession to make. A good kinda confession. I’ve joined a gym and I’ve been trying to get my lazy bottom of the couch and actually exercise. Granted, I’ve only gone twice but so far, so good. I am that person in my gym that sweats […]

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Random Fridays:::North Carolina Loooove


A couple weeks ago me and my husband took a trip to Chapel Hill, North Carolina to spend time with my aunt and uncle who are in Chapel Hill from Brussels (obviously they’re both Fins but have been living in Brussels for years). Risto (my aunt’s husband) works for European Union and is working closely […]

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