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Kara&Andrew:::Wedding:::Lexington, KY


(First of all, Happy Halloween everybody!) Exactly ten years ago I met Kara for the first time when I was an exchange student in Wolfe County High School. Her mama was my teacher and we all became friends. Kara attended a different high school but Andrew went to the same high school as I did. […]

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Megan&Kevin:::Wedding:::Frankfort, KY


Before I met Megan and Kevin I googled their wedding location. I typed ‘Berry Hill Mansion’ and when I saw a couple of pictures of this gorgeous (and I truly mean STUNNING) mansion, I was blown away. When I actually got there, it was even more aaaaawesome. I wanted to live in Berry Hill Mansion. […]

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two frames:::Meredith and Sean:::

IMG_4510 copy-2

Happy Monday you all! I hope your weekend was awesome because mine sure was. I had my family visiting us in Kentucky and I got to spend some quality time with them which was much needed. Much much needed. As they drove off back to North Carolina, I cried a little (or maybe a lot). […]

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Random Fridays:::Baby Heaven:::

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I’ve said this to people many times: When I think about heaven, there’s at least 3 things in my heaven: babies, puppies and all you can eat buffets. So, yeah of course when I go to heaven I want to see my family and friends there but after family and friends, I hope to see […]

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two frames::: LOVE Overload

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Happy Monday, mi peeps! You better get ready because rest of the week is going to be chilly and around 50’s. Finally that fall weather that I’ve been looking forward to! And finally, it’s socially acceptable for me to wear all my jackets, sweaters, hats and scarfs. Finally, finally that time is here. Wohoo! Anyway..I […]

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