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Claudia&Stephen:::Wedding:::Frankfort, KY


It was a chilly October morning as I arrived in Frankfort. One of those super random days that is cold when all the days before it has been nice and warm. What a beautiful morning it was though, the sun was out and the air felt fresh. It was like a hint of winter in […]

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Scarlett:::7 Months:::


Oh how lucky am I when I get to hang out with little baby Scarlett? I got to shoot her newborn pictures and now she’s all grown up and about to start dating and driving a car (ok, maybe not yet but she has for sure grown a lot!). Scarlett might be the sweetest little […]

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Cozy Time of the Year


As a Finnish person, I love this time of year. The time of year, when it gets dark around 5pm. The time of year when I start burning candles all over the house. The time of year when I’ll start using woolen socks. The time of the year when it’s totally alright for me to […]

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When Meredith told me she knew someone that owns a plane and wanted to use a plane as a prop in their engagement session my first thought was ‘WOW, Yes please!’. It’s not like this girl gets to use private planes as a prop! I was pretty blown away by the planes we got to […]

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Abby&Jeremy:::Wedding:::Lexington, KY


It was a chilly October morning when I arrived at Talon Winery to shoot Abby getting ready. The sky was gray and the wind was chilly. All of that changed once I entered the room where Abby was getting ready with her bridesmaids. Lots of laughter, warmth and pure joy filled the room. Abby herself […]

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