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I’ll be back.

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I’ll be back (Imagine I say that with my Arnold Schwarzenegger voice) in a couple of weeks. I have a busy busy busy trip planned to go home to Finland and while I’m in Europe I’ll be visiting family in Brussels, taking a day trip to Paris and spending a couple of days above Arctic […]

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:::Christ Church Cathedral/Carrick House Wedding:::


  As I woke up on their wedding day, it was gray, dark and raining. As I got to the hair salon (Bak for More), it was still raining and it didn’t look like it was going to clear up at all. An hour in, the sun came out, the rain stopped and it was […]

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:::Atticus:::6 months::


A little while back I got the pleasure of shooting little Baby Atticus! As I was talking to his mom and dad, Meagan and Tim, they told me how he came to this world 3 months before the due date and had to stay at the NIC unit for 3 months. And now he’s 6 […]

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Blooming and Snowing


I am forever confused about this Kentucky weather. So will be my wardrobe. One day it can be 65 and sunny and the next can be 25 and snowy.  We have flowers in our yard blooming..and then they were covered in snow! It’s just insanity, I tell you. We have had winter and spring […]

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Happy Monday you guys! Aren’t just so thrilled the weekend is over? Hahah, yeah I’m sure you are! I don’t know about you, but I think Mondays have this quality that I like..the same quality as the new year..a new start, a new can make it as good as you want..or was bad as […]

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