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Bridal portraits:::KRISTIN:::


It’s Friday, Friday gotta get down on Friday…! (I’m so sorry for putting that awful Rebecca Black song in your head)! But that’s the song I sing when I wake up and realize it’s Friday! I have worked hard this week and for sure need a weekend to relax and obviously hopefully watch the Cats […]

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Brandi::2 frames:::


Here’s a little sneak peek from my session with Brandi! How adorbs is she or what? Too flippin’ cute! Can’t wait to share more later!

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While I was in Finland (in my hometown only 5 days!), I still managed to do a little work! Go me! It was a joy though since I got to catch up with Janika who I’ve known..who knows how many years..we went to school together and have kept in touch through Facebook. I put up […]

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Bridal Portraits:::preview:::HANNAH:::


Here’s a little preview of my shoot with Hannah! She was so awesome and we had so much fun! Can’t wait to share more!!

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Hey guys! You know what, it’s FRIDAY! I think this week has been one of the prettiest yet..lots of sun, lots of happiness, lots of birds..lots of new flowers popping up. It’s impossible to think that I was in Finland just two weeks ago. It feels like 6 months ago. They still have snow, and […]

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