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Seriously, I love pregnant women. I might say that ‘cos I’m pregnant and SO FEEL for pregnant women and what prego women go through, both physically and mentally. It’s a lot. Espesially once you get to your third trimester and sleeping is difficult and waddling is in full-force! And then, to be able to look […]

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Sometimes it’s very refreshing to go back and look at old work you’ve done. Sometimes you look at with a very judgmental eye and sometimes, well sometimes you look at your old work and you realize that you totally ignored a photo that now you love. I periodically try to go back look at my […]

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I might or might have not shed a tear or two while editing these images from Dena and Jason’s wedding. It’s always such a different experience shooting someone’s wedding who you’ve known for so long and have so many memories with. But then again, as the cry baby that I am, I cry in most […]

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I used to do a lot more personal posts here but as my business grew and the amount of work I got grew, I started to really just write about the work I was doing.  I felt a switch and my photography business blog was going through a change-more photography related posts, less personal posts. […]

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