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Alasdair is like the cutest little boy ever. For real. He’s so cute my ovaries hurt. And when he smiles it’s like the cutest thing ever! And then you put Sara and Trevor with him and it’s like cute overload! TOO MUCH C U T E . It’s pretty cool to see this little guy […]

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I had the pleasure of shooting this cute cute family of 5! Travis and Felicia have the cutest kiddos ever! Keaton is so charming and sweet (seriously, hanging out with him didn’t help with my baby fever AT ALL) and Josie and Evie are just so much fun and are that age that they love […]

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So let me start this blog post by saying that when I was shooting Elaine and Andrew’s wedding I felt safe. Like if something would happen (like allergic reaction or broken leg) I’d be just fine. Why do I say this? Because I want to believe that Elaine and Andrew had more than 40 doctors […]

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ENGAGED_114 copy

These two are up for anything which I love! AND FUN! And Sarah and Jeff love to laugh and they think The Beatles are the bomb-diggity (hello, you guys are awesome). And they love dogs. So yeah. They’re cool. And they’re really into each other and in love. And cute together. Congrats guys! I can’t […]

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Grace Mae is too precious for words. I have a 6-month old and I already had forgotten how small these little babies are when they come to this world. So tiny, so sweet and so delicate. And oh my, little miss Grace is just too adorable! Sorry husband, I have baby fever again. There’s just […]

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