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When I go and visit home (aka Finland) I try to make as much time for family, friends and eating (yes, one of my top priorities while I’m home) but at times I do end up working a little bit just because you know, I love to work. The longer I’m in business, more selective […]

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Finland can be pretty brutal during winter. The days when the sun is out and gorgeous can be some of the coldest days ever. And not so much daylight. A lot of darkness. And summers make up for it with light nights. But gosh, I miss Finland so so much. I swear, a few weeks […]

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I was visiting family and friends in Finland with my daughter for 3 weeks and what a lovely time it was! I miss home so much and I simply wish Atlantic ocean wouldn’t really exist so we could just drive to each other in a day or so. Wouldn’t that be nice? Well, while I […]

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