There’s something about winter weddings. Like something different that summer weddings don’t have. Obviously, the moist and heat would be the obvious things that might pop in someone’s head but I’m talking about something like ‘mood’. Like winter weddings have a different kinda mood. If you ever seen Serendipity you know what I’m talking about. Like the kinda romantic mood only winter can bring. Like how it’s the perfect time to lit up some candles and snuggle up as the snow is slowly falling down. You know, the different kinda mood. More peaceful, calm mood. You know what I’m saying. No, well skip to the next paragraph then, will you?

So I’ve had pleasure this year and last year to work with many doctors. I think this was my second wedding in 6 months with both bride and the groom being doctors! I totally felt safe if my asthma would come and bother me, I could totally have the medical attention I needed. You know, the kinda safe feeling you get when you’re around doctors (not the kinda safe feeling you get around cops…around cops I feel like I’ve done something wrong, like I’ve ran a red light or not paid my car insurance kinda feeling).


Both Nitin and Nicole love family. You could just tell how much they love their families and what a beautiful celebration of love it was for both of them. Nicole wanted Nitin see her walking down the aisle and I think his first reaction was just full of joy and happiness. It really warmed my heart. He was totally smitten, it was easy to tell!

I’m so happy you guys found each other and I was so happy to shoot your wedding!

Congrats again!

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