So I love photography (obviously) but I have another love of mine and that’s interior design. I can’t say my own home is like from a magazine or whatever but I like a good mid-century chair and beautiful things. Yes, don’t most people? Probably? You should, anyway.

One thing in common with me and Sofia is that we both have a girl crush our favorite interior designer ever: Emily Henderson. But we have other things in common like how we both like USA (Sofia travels to my side of the world quite a bit) and we’re both Finnish too.

I had the pleasure of seeing little Instagram-shots of Sofia’s cute apartment she had posted but I couldn’t wait to capture all the beautiful-ness with my camera. And yes, I’m talking about Sofia too. I mean. Could she be a model? Yes!!

We started out shoot in her apartment and then ventured out for some portraits. Helsinki is so beautiful in the summer!

I love all these shots and I hope you will too! Sofia’s apartment made me feel very inspired to make our home more beautiful and functional as well!

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