I seriously think Tricia and Mark are awesome. Like, for realizes. Happy, upbeat, and FUN. So it was such a joy to shoot a wedding for people like Tricia and Mark. They were just sincerely happy to get married, to be together and be husband and wife. And that’s my friends, that’s what it’s all about. Being together and celebrating that you found each other.

What’s so sweet about Tricia is how much he loooves Mark’s hair. In fact when they were just friends they went to a Halloween party dressed up as a romance novel couple. How fitting!! I made sure I got a few shots of Mark’s hair flowing in the wind (just for you Tricia, just for you).

And this was a first for me but I have never shot a wedding where the groom was on crutches. And on top of that one of the groomsmen was pretty injured too and had to sport a neck brace after the ceremony was over. At the end, it turned out alright and I kinda like the crutches in Tricia and Mark’s portraits. Mark totally used those crutches as a prop.

Seriously guys. I’m so happy for you and was so happy to have captured your sweet day of love!!! Congrats again!

VENUE: The Thoroughbred Center///CAKE: Martine’s Pastries/// DOUGHNUTS: Frank’s Doughnuts///FOOD: TGI Friday’s/// TRICIA’S DRESS: Etsy/// JEWELRY: BHLDN/// GROOM’S SUIT AND TUXES: Men’s Warehouse///MAKE-UP: The Tease/// HAIR: Kristin Korona/// MUSIC: The Tall Boys of Kentucky


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