I know I shoot a lot of weddings but lately I’ve been shooting more and more seniors as well! And I love it! I also love it because I’m pretty nostalgic and it always takes me back to my own senior and high school years. And I gotta say, time has probably made all those memories much more nostalgic that they need to be. But it’s a special time in one’s life. You’re kinda almost ‘grown up’ (I’m 30 and I don’t think I’m grown-up and hope I never fully ‘grow up’) and there’s so many possibilities ahead of you, choices to make and that in itself is pretty darn exciting.

I just loved shooting Alicia. She’s full of smiles, laughter and she’s just flat out fun. It is beyond great to shoot someone like her! It was sooo freezing out (and I mean I think it might have been maybe 29 degrees if we’re lucky) but she totally worked it and made the best out of it! A total trooper, if you ask me.

And how gorgeous is she? Like, really? I’m all kindsa jelly jealous of her beautiful black hair and gorgeous eyes. Anyone think she looks like Zooey Deschanel? I so do!!

Good luck with your senior year, Alicia!!



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