The day of looooove.

It’s the day of loooooove! Valentine’s Day! In case you didn’t know. I must say, I think romance is the most awesomest (yes, I made up a word) when it’s not mandatory. In July I’ve been with my love for five years and as much as I love flowers and him whispering sweet nothings..mostly I love that I just  get to be myself around him. I don’t have to be anybody but me. Last night my husband already impressed me by moving around furniture and bringing me a pizza. That’s what’s romantic to me.

What’s romantic to you?

(this polaroid was taken a day before we got married).

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Stephanie Lyell - this is so sweet…and that photo makes me so happy :) To me it is romantic when Dave makes me dinner and tells me that I am the coolest girl in the world. I like him a lot :)

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