I think (ok, I know) I brag on and on about peeps who hire me to do their weddings. I brag and brag and brag. And then brag some more. But I gotta say, I am simply blessed to not only be able to call photography my passion and job but I’m so so lucky I get to meet so many amazing people with great hearts, amazing families and friends. On a wedding day you can totally feel all that love and support between people and I just love it. And I get to capture and experience it. It’s just pretty amazing. And there are no great words to quite describe what an honor it is.

From the moment I met Ryan and Lisa at a Northern Kentucky Starbucks I just knew I liked them a lot. The conversation was easy and I had fun. It totally meant so was their wedding day just like that. Easy going and fun!

And can we just talk about how amazingly cute Ryan and Lisa are together? There were so many happy tears shed between these two and I literally wanted to squeeze them through my lens. They were so happy to be together, to celebrate finding each other. And that’s my friends, that’s what it’s all about.

I’m pretty stoked that I got to shoot a Jewish ceremony . And singing of the Ketubah might have been one of the most intimate things I’ve got to be a part of as a photographer since it was just a small room of family and friends, Ryan and Lisa and the Rabbi. So glad I got to experience that and to capture it!

Mazel Tov Ryan and Lisa!!!! I wish you guys years and years of love and happiness!!!

WEDDING VENUE: St. Clare’s Chapel+Centennial Barn (Franciscan Ministries) ///CAKE: Tres Belle///DONUTS: Holtman’s///FOOD: Meatball Kitchen///DRESS: Vera Wang/// SUIT: Ralph Lauren/// WEDDING BANDS: Custom made from D. Simone in Philadelphia, PA////DJ: DJ Mowgli/// Officiate: Rabbi Miriam Terlinchamp/// HAIR: Black Rabbit Salon/// KETUBAH: Ketubah.com


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