Thoughts for 2015

2015 will be the year my business has been running for 6 years. It’s kinda insane when I think about it, actually. Or maybe ‘insane’ is not the right word but time sure has flown by for the most part. I remember it almost just like yesterday when I walked to my CPA’s office and basically said ‘I have no idea how to start a business but will you help me?’. And she did and I started my own business. And here we are.

Sometimes I get really wrapped up in comparing myself to others. I have made a very clear effort not to do that anymore. It’s not easy with social media but it’s possible. I am not in competition with anyone but myself. I want to evolve, get better, learn, change things up and grow not only as a business owner but as a person. As I’m going into my 6th years as a tax paying business owner I am very confident in my capabilities as a photographer, as a business owner but also knowing that I am indeed the sorta person who will calm a bride who’s freaking out on her wedding day because she found a stain in her dress. I have learned to work under very stressful situations and I have learned to not only work under those circumstances but I have learned to excel and love that excitement that stress can bring (pretty sure any wedding photography can say ‘amen!’ to that).

My business doesn’t make millions. Many might not know my name. But it doesn’t make what I’m doing any less worthy.  I am proud. I am proud that I have built this. I have worked and I have worked hard. I have worked late nights and early  mornings. Since I became a mom I have worked like a mad woman during nap times and while my baby has gone to bed at night. I have sacrificed sleep to get work done.  I have struggled and learned I need help. I have learned I can’t in fact do it all. And I have accepted it. And then said to myself ‘it’s ok, you’re alright’. I have learned that I am very much type A and always expect excellence and I have learned that I need to let go off that sometimes. Because at times it’s alright to be just content and proud of what I have accomplished.

So with all that said. I am proud. I am excited. I am happy to have the clients that keep coming back and now I’m capturing their growing families after I’ve shot their weddings few years ago. And I’m glad I keep getting inquiries and amazing people I look forward to working with. I am blessed to have met so many people along the way and made some friends! I am blessed to have been working with amazing vendors and other photographers who encourage me and support me. I am glad I get to do the same.

I truly wish you all a year full of love, peaceful moments of quiet and stillness, moments of self-mercy and moments of pure joy. Let’s be kind to each other and ourselves this year.

Here’s to 2015!!

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