Random Fridays: 10 minute mental break

I’ve always liked my sleep. When I’m stressed out I either sleep way too much or way too little. Too much because I’m so exhausted by all my thoughts or too little because I’m way too occupied with all my thoughts.

I think I’m not alone in this.

I feel these days with the internet, TV, cell phones and all electronic devices are these evil creatures that can make us not being able to rest, to relax, to really get to that place of peace.

I was watching Oprah today (I know, I know) and Goldie Hawn was talking about happiness. Or how to achieve happiness. Apparently there have been studies shown that if we just sit still for 10 minutes a day, doing nothing, listening to nothing, just being quiet, we can be happier. Call it meditation or whatever but I will try for the next month to do this e v e r y single day. To get centered, to really just exist, to be, to rest. Then I maybe should also start a day by praying. Praying for good things for my day, good things for my family, and thanking for everything I should be so thankful for. Maybe I can combine my praying time with my meditation time.

I need to learn to turn things off, to take a break, to just rest, to just be, to just exist.

Have you taken your 10 minute happy break today?

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