Random Fridays: Wrinkles? Really?!

You guys. Tomorrow I’m one year older and wiser. Or, at least older. I’m not so sure about the wiser part.

To be honest, I have learned a lot. I’d say I’ve grown the MOST as a photographer the last year. I feel like I’ve bloomed and learn to love this craft even more. To be in love with photography. And I’m in love with it for sure.

I love birthdays, just not my own. I feel like there’s always pressure for it to be perfect and nothing ever is. I don’t want the fuss and the big birthday parties. I rather eat pizza and watch movies!

I feel like birthdays were so magical when I was a kid. One year I even had a Barbie-Cake! It was one of the most magnificent cakes I’ve ever seen. Plus, I got to keep the Barbie-doll. Win/Win-situation for sure. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized no birthday could ever measure up to those childhood birthdays. Now, I’m just old. I’m not a kid anymore. Now we’re suppose to talk about poetry and taste cheeses with our friends. And talk about politics. Yes? NO?

Today I actually started to look if I have gotten wrinkles yet. No, not yet. I’m still pretty sure I should start using all those creams and lotions now. As a preventative method.

Here’s to welcoming April with open arms!


Katie Lou - OMG! Lol this cracked me up! Girl you are beautiful!

Eric Haskett - I dont see any wrinkles!!! I added you to my facebook friends today. Havent talked to you in years! Im glad to see things are well.

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