Erick Moore was the second person I got to shoot for my ‘This is Lexington’-series (that I’m thinking about calling ‘This is Kentucky’-series because I don’t want to be exactly limited to Lexington, KY). Either way, I’m so glad Erick agreed to let me enter his home and shoot there. I think it’s always sign of vulnerability when you let someone shoot in your home. Because it’s your space and it’s yours. So I’m always really happy when people let me shoot them in their homes…it tells such a personal story.

Either way: Me and Erick go way back. I actually met him at jewelry and metalsmith 100 at EKU and quickly became friends. Pretty sure I thought he was cute (sorry husband, I know, I was dating you but I wasn’t blind either). But mostly I thought Erick was fun, sweet and extremely talented. In fact I think he can do almost anything creative and excel at it. Everything I’ve ever seen him make literally blows me away with how awesome he is and how freakin’ effortlessly it seems to happen for him.

Back in school Erick did so many awesome paintings, then I knew he did costume design and literally wearable art (I can’t even fully describe it because it’s that awesome), he also designed my first logo and is awesome at graphic design and lastly he is amazing when it comes to decor and interior design. And he has a great personal style. So yeah in short: Erick is talented and if you haven’t heard of him, you will. Trust me.

Thanks so  much for letting me shoot you Erick and it was awesome catching up with you!

Also next up will be Angie from Thirsty Hearts Design! Be sure to tune in!

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