Some weeks ago I had the pleasure of sitting down with Angie from Thirsty Hearts Design and I absolutely loved it. I think doing this ‘This is Lexington’-series in many ways has been healing for me as a person. I’ve gotten renewed in a way and hearing people’s passion, their stories and getting inside their lives has given me so much (I hope you’ve enjoyed this series, as well)!

I usually let people tell me as much or as little as they want and we all have different stories and paths how we end up where we are and doing what we love to do. For some of us it’s simply because we enjoy to do it and for some of us it’s our lifeline, we simply can’t live without creating- it’s a part of our identity.

I asked Angie how she got started with her business and she openly and honestly shared a bit of her tough journey. When Angie was younger she got sexually assaulted and for a long time she was stuck in a dark place in her life. She then started writing down phrases, things to make her remind her value and worth and give her the need to go on. She posted those notes all over so she’d had visual reminders wherever she looked. This was the early stages of her Thirstyhearts Design business. From there on she started creating more, people starting to want more and now she’s a mom of 2 littles busy filling orders and creating!

I’ve only now met Angie twice and I just love her upbeat personality and openness to share. Thank you Angie for letting me share your story. Her story is a reminder that truly from some of our darkest times can bloom some of the most beautiful flowers (or should I say prints)!

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