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All I really ever want from a bride and groom who hires me to just believe in me. I want to them to just relax and enjoy their wedding day. I want to relieve stress. By the time the couple signs the contract, I want them to have 100% faith in me.

Sometimes I get people who ask about discounts or pricing reductions. I’m fine with that for multiple reasons. I understand that it’s expensive to get married and I understand asking never hurts. But my prices are not negotiable, not unless I’m doing favor for a friend or I’m genetically related to you. I’m a business of one person and this is my only income.

I often think to myself that just because my clients who end up hiring me do value photography, not everyone does. Some people want to spend $4000 on flowers but that means they value flowers the most when it comes to their wedding. Some people don’t want to spend over $500 on photography. Obviously as a photographer I don’t agree (photographs last forever, flowers don’t).  But I do realize people value different things.

I also see it ALL the time when I get an inquiry and then I get an email back where the client says “well my uncle who has a nice camera will take our pictures.” I always have to bite my tongue because most of the time I know they’ll not get the quality images they so deserve. You always get what you pay for. You really do. A lot of people these days call themselves photographers but just because I fixed myself a BLT for lunch yesterday it doesn’t make me a chef.

Does your ‘uncle’ have proper lighting when the reception site is dark and you have no natural light to work with? Does he have a back up camera if the one he uses breaks down? Does he know how to plan enough time for shooting and the scheduling of the wedding day? Does he know how to post-process your images? Does he know how to use his camera with the manual setting on? Mostly, is he creative and can give you the result you wish for? If you can answer YES to all of these questions, then maybe your uncle is Jose Villa ( a renown wedding photographer) and you SHOULD hire him.

I’m simply wanting to point out that photography is always worth the investment if you value memories and the documentation of your important day. I always tell my brides that after the wedding day you have 3 things left from the wedding day: the groom, the bling and the photography.

A good photography is your friend who truly cares for your needs before, during and after the Big Day. I always want to hear the stories how my couples met and how they got engaged. Every story is different and it’s always a miracle for two people to find their match. As a photographer I believe of course my main task is to do the photography but I would argue that my main task might also be caring. At the end of the time together with a couple, I want them to feel like I truly did care for them and was a part of puzzle to make their wedding day as special as it could be.

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Sarah Newman - And this is why I am serving cheap food and making my own centerpieces in order to pay for photography… :)

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