I love doing Boudoir-shoots! I don’t typically post these sessions (because most of my clients are hesitant putting these images out in the universe) but I wish I could- so much beauty!

I think us women need to start feeling more secure, more alright and more comfortable in our skin (totally myself included). So many people say ‘I’ll do a Boudoir-shoot when I’ve lost the baby weight, or etc.’. I always say that 1)you’re beautiful just the way you are and 2)you don’t need to wait until you’re in your ideal weight to do it!

A lot of of times people also say they’re doing a Boudoir-shoot for their significant other (which is great!) but I always also say that it’s TOTALLY FINE AND A OK to do it for YOURSELF. Like, no shame in it. It’s just another way to feel empowered as a woman and comfortable in your skin. You have the right to do that and hey, flaunt it a little. Why not!

Let me know if you’d like to book a Boudoir-session today! Would love to send you more info!

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