I  know some weeks ago I said I want to get back to my roots to blog a few more personal posts. I used to do them much more when I started my business (OMG, 7 years ago!!!) and I don’t really know why I stopped. BUT. Here I am again. Doing personal posts. Go me!

I have so many of these sorta shots of my face (or camera over my face, really). I love that I’ve taken them throughout all these years because they immediately take me back to a certain place (well, obviously) but to a certain time in my life.

I just find pictures doing that. And you know what does that too? Music. Can you ever listen to a song and not be immediately put into that one specific time of your life? You immediately start remembering memories, people you were close to then, a job you might have had, the car you drove, the guy you dated, the pants you loved and you wish you could still fit into to. You know. Man, those blue pants when I was on 5th grade were amazing. And then hips happened. And then I couldn’t fit into them. But those pants. I loved those pants.

It’s magical these random memories. And kinda sad. Because music does that to you and you kinda put feelings into boxes, put them on the top shelf you can’t reach and then this song comes on and so and suddenly that box falls right on your head hitting you like a ton of bricks. And then there you are at that red light by the mall crying your eyes out and being all nostalgic. Yeah, I’m totally like that.

Like that one song by Sarah McLachlan ‘last dance’. That was the time when my ex-boyfriend’s brother died unsuspectedly, then my friend died a month later from a motorcycle accident. And that song. That song takes me back to that. And all the funerals. And all the sadness. Man, that spring I cried so much. And I was so young. Early 20s. And I drove a stick shift and the battery had so much problems with that car.

And then if I hear pretty much ANY Spice Girls it, I’m immediately 10 years old, wearing my Peppi Pitkatossu (Pippi Longstocking) wig pretending to be Geri (she was my favorite. Well her and Emma) and wore my awesome platform shoes I’m sure my mom spend too much money on. Such a good time. Such an innocent time. Such a time of creativity. And we wore black garbage bags as dresses when we played dress up because that way we all matched. YES. FAB!!!

And then lately I’ve been on a Taylor Swift kick. I like my serious music but I also love when music can be fun and easy going and you can just dance to. But there’s this one song called ‘never grow up’ by Taylor Swift. IF I need a good cry (don’t we all just need a good cry every so often) I know I can reach the ultimate good cry results if I play that song. But if I know I don’t want to cry (because I’m wearing mascara) I so totally skip this song when it comes on because UGLY CRY INSTANTLY AND I CAN’T EVEN DEAL. Ugly mom tears happening when that song happens. Freakin’ Tay Tay!

You have a song that really takes you back to specific time in your life?

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