You guys. If you’re looking for a wedding venue (or just in case you might want to buy me a house, FYI) look no further. This beautiful private farm is now available to be rented for events and weddings. I mean, if I’d be getting married again I’d totally want to get married here. This Harp Innis farm has the charm, the land (for beautiful photos) and flair. I mean, it’s my dream property just if I didn’t make it clear before. I think I did. But just in case I didn’t: It’s GORGEOUS.

Well now that I’ve convinced you to get married here you should next up hire a photographer (in this scenario it’d be Hanna Salonen Photography, of course). And then you should hire a wedding planner. And you’d call Rayna from Always Planned. She’s also representing this beautiful venue and is a fab.com awesome wedding planner. And I have never said fab.com and I also intend to NEVER use that phrase again. I’m sorry. I really should use proper English. I can’t believe I just said (or typed) fab.com. I mean. I’m embarrassed.

And can we just all agree Natalie is like the most gorgeous woman on this planet? YES. And she’s the mastermind behind Southern Belle Glitz as well! Hit her up for all your jewelry needs ASAP. (thanks Natalie for braving to be in front of the camera- You are a Natural!).

So glad we had this awesome collaboration! I am obsessed with all the beauty I got to shoot!

Thanks again Always Planned and Southern Belle Glitz !



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