Random Fridays: Swamp Feet

I’m not graceful. NOT AT ALL. Just check out my beautiful muddy feet below. I had a grand idea that I wanted to use a swamp as a backdrop for a fashion shoot I did. What a grand idea it was. I took my first 2 steps and I yelled “Oh this should be alright, we can shoot here!”…then I took two more steps…and 10 seconds later I screamed “I’m sinking! SAVE MY CAMERA!”. Thankfully a strong and helpful male model came to my rescue (he was balancing himself on a tree at this point) to pull me back out.

Well, my shoes, they stayed in the mud.

Can’t say I’m not willing to risk my equipment or the beauty of my feet for a possibly cool shot.

I must admit, my feet feel exceptionally smooth right now. $0 spent.

I hope you guys will have a great weekend! Relax, take time to do something fun, and remember to drink lots of water..it’s suppose to be really hot!

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