Random Fridays: Thank God for Husbands

Hey guys!I feel like I’ve been all business and no personal here in my blog. Granted, this is my business blog, so no need to get too personal. But. But I’m an open book and I’d like to take a moment to be totally random since it’s a Friday and talk about..my life!

First of all, my wedding season started late but it seems the majority of my weddings will be the end of the year (end of the summer really). So, all throughout the summer, be sure to check in here to see gorgeous grooms and brides and probably some delicious shots of some awesome cake. Amongst other things.

But yes, busy bee season has started and I love staying busy. I love editing and I love what I do. Lucky me. Fo realzies.

But summer time is also a project time around our house. Frankly, things I planned on doing this summer probably won’t get done. Like when I made a promise to myself that I will become a magnificient cook (let’s face it, I’m a baker, not a cook). Or when I told myself this summer I’ll get into shape (c’mon, who was I kidding?), or when I told myself this summer I’ll learn to grow a green thumb. Well, I’m still waiting for that.

Thank God for my husband. That’s all I can say.

Look at the picture below. See those floors? They’re gone and we have new floors. So say bye bye! Those floors are history! That’s right. He also installed those new lights. Obviously I need to take after picture, but believe me, our kitchen is like a dream now. Well, more of a dream than it was before for sure.

Thank God for husbands.

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Hannah Coates - Amen to that! Thank God for good husbands! :)

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