Wedding Photographer=Rock Star

This might be the very first image that I have had someone taking of me while shooting a wedding. Why is this so? Because until now I have somehow thought I can be a one man’s band. Actually, I still can be, but sometimes when I feel like the wedding I’m shooting is bigger than usual or the time frame we have to get our shots in shorter, then I get someone to help me. This time it was the lovely Katie Wardlow Decker. She’s awesome and she snapped this picture of me taking a picture. Very Clever.

So I’m a total dork when it comes to a wedding day shooting. I bust out the worst pop songs on my way to the wedding and as I’m shooting I’m usually secretively humming ‘Don’t stop believing’ or some other totally random song. Actually, I think sometimes I end up singing while I shoot. Obviously, no poor bride should be victimized like that but…but…..if it gets the creative juices flowing..why not?

I believe wedding photography and being a rock star are kinda like the same thing. Sure, I don’t have a tour bus and I do not own an electric guitar but there are similarities for sure. Like, I tend to wear black when I’m shooting (rockstars were black leatherpants). I sing while I shoot (well, rockstars are in a band and there’s a singer in that band), I sweat a lot during the day (you should see a rocker after a show, they’re soaked in sweat), oh and the last similarity: Wedding photographers and rockstars have fans. That’s right. Like facebook fans. Just search Hanna Salonen Photography and you will find me.

So yeah. I’m practically a rock star. Pretty much.

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