Random Fridays:::Hanna’s Tip Time, y’all!

It’s Friday and I thought about sharing a little tip here that can make your photo session/wedding portraits ROCK. This tip is for my gals out there.

Consider investing $5 on a pair of fake eyelashes. I’m not talking about the gold and colourful ones but the ones that look super natural and you can buy at them at Walgreens.

I think happiness all and all is the best accessory a photographer could ask for when shooting a bride, but I can’t deny the power of a great lash.

I just cannot.

I believe the best portraits can make you feel. They show an emotion. Sure, a great shot has a lot to do with the composition, the mood, the editing..but frankly, it’s all in the eyes. When I look at a portrait, I first look at the eyes and the expression, then everything else. Fake lashes make the eyes pop and bring attention to them resulting in better pictures and better portraits.

I highly recommend my brides and clients buying a pair of fake eye lashes. They’re the bomb.

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!

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