Sometimes I get really emotional about things and maybe if you’ve read my writings for a while it has come to your attention that I’m nostalgic. Like, weepy nostalgic. That’s how I roll and coolio.

It’s hard to not be super nostalgic about Lara and David’s wedding. I was newly pregnant and they’ve just had their firstborn. Some things just kinda get engrained in your head and this time has for me. I was so hopeful yet nervous. Things were fragile and that little bean in my belly turned into my daughter, Eila.

And I have just loved Lara and David and now they have since their wedding added their beautiful twins to their family. I sometimes I have to pinch myself that I get to do this for living. Capture these moments of families just having fun and loving each other (cue the tears again). It’s a little privilege us photographers have to see these beautiful moments and then capturing them into something that can you look at from years to come.

Lara and David-your family is so beautiful and I’m so glad we got to spend the afternoon with you guys-it was such a special treat!!!






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