Happy Friday you guys!! This past week your homegirl,Hanna (and why am I talking about myself in third person is a question…) turned 33. I had all these big plans to make some self portraits where I look all ageless and wise and wrinkles and calm and you know, did I mentioned radiant? Well. That plan didn’t work out but turns out I’ll be 33 for the whole year so I have still time do make those radiant and wise self portraits later on this year or this month.

To celebrate my birthday my dear friend, Laura came to visit and it was such a treat! As we were eating dinner I noticed the light and Laura’s gorgeousness (I mean, I always notice it, she’s just stuuuuunning) and I had a little photoshoot of her, the light and her gorgeousness right in our kitchen. Because that’s what you do when inspiration hits you guys. You quit eating and start shooting.

So thankful for friendships, donuts and another year on this planet!!

You all have a great weekend!!!!

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