I think I totally dropped the ball last year because I actually shot Sawyer’s birth and I don’t even think I blogged it. I’m always a bit slow and hesitant blogging such personal and vulnerable things as birth!

But a year has gone by! A YEAR. And It’s amazing to me how much a baby changes that first year (that’s why I highly believe in hiring a professional several times during that year to capture it). Like, going from a baby to walking in a year. It’s all pretty amazing. And also when you have your first baby…the evolution of  a parent and the learning curve is sometimes wild as well. Going from ‘I don’t know if I’m doing this right’ to ‘I think I’m doing this right’ to then again 4  years later ‘I’m pretty sure I’m making a ton of mistakes but I’m doing my best.’

Anyway. I’ll be sharing more from this session later!!

I’m just so happy the Hanna family again and again use me as their photographer and I’m glad to call them my friends! And it’s amazing to see the love they have for the little Sawyer-they just love him to the moon and back!

Happy First Birthday Sawyer!!!

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