You guys. Sometimes you get into the depths of Instagram while you’re on a family vacation because you’re in one of your inspirational moods. And then you ran across Olivia and her site and you contact her. And I promise her I’m not a creep (or maybe I am since I was searching online for a model. So yeah. maybe I am a creepo.). And I was like ‘how about shooting together?’. And she said yes!

And the thing about being a photographer in Holland, MI where you don’t live, where you don’t know where anything is where you’re just like ‘I know I ate in that Irish pub one night with my family and I knew where TJ MAXX is if I put it in my GPS’ it’s kinda hard to find locations. I literally was like ‘want to meet me by this candy store?’.

And rest is history (also REST IS HISTORY might be my least favorite line of all time after ‘IT IS WHAT IT IS’).

(sidenote: I’ve caught myself saying ‘it is what it is’ like twice in a week. Who am I? And no. I just need to stop it. This stuffs is cray cray. And I need to stop saying that too. LIKE, JUST NO HANNA. NO!)

Anyway. Olivia. Mother of 3. Freakin stylish as ever. Beautiful. Radiant. Lovely. Sweet. Like I felt like I had known her forever. And she didn’t think I was a creep.

Like, gosh. I wish we could hang out but she’s all the way in Grand Rapids, MI and I’m here in Lexington, KY.

Either way. Internet is cool. I got to do a cool shoot and I made a new friend.


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