Lately I feel like I’ve been going on and on and saying every couple of every wedding I shoot is cute and the best (but they are) and all the babies and all the families are the best and I’m so lucky (they are and I AM).

Rinse and repeat and and say it again and again.

But you know, I have come to realize my job is a lot about taking pictures but now almost nine years in it’s also about relationships. And how now years and year my ‘clients’ (FRIENDS, MY FRIENDS WHO VALUE WHAT I DO) have become people I feel invested in, truly care about and LOVE.

I love the Hanna family. Just love. They’re so lovely and anytime spend with them is good time.

And Sawyer. I was there for his birth and he’s now 1. ONE.

These kids. I absolutely loathe saying that are like cliche but ‘days are long but years are short’ is so darn true. And all the older women who’s kids are all grown….yes…it does go by fast. TOO FAST.

I feel forever just honored being able to capture these family photos for you guys. THANK YOU.

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