It’s amazing to think about how I’ve been the family photographer for the Raymer’s all throughout their kiddos childhood. Like, thankful doesn’t even begin to really describe how it makes my heart and soul feel. Thankful and just like fulfilled.

Like I might not be the head of Google but maybe I’m doing something in small scale that really does matter. Like tangible memories of childhood that in one blink of an eye has passed. It’s super special and my heart is happy that I’m chosen to capture such lovely memories for my families.

Also both Tim and Meagan are like kickass business peeps. If you need an amazing graphic designer or a new website or anything of that sorts Tim can hook you up big time. And Meagan is a mega skilled artist and she makes such beautiful clothing and it’s her talent that has made me just realize that I should not even try to attempt making anything with my sewing machine because some people got in and some people don’t (I don’t, she does..just in case my point wasn’t clear then). You should totes check out Foundry72 and SillyFat 

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