What is there to say other that OH MY GOSH women are warriors and no matter how you birth or bring your baby into this world-you’re a freakin unicorn sparkle magical being-that’s for sure.

There is so many parts of pregnancy and delivery that can just cut a woman to their core. Emotions, fears, facing those fears, overcoming the agony and hardship of it all and going into mothering next moment. That’s why women tell their labor and birthing and pregnancy stories like stories from the war. They are a lot. Can be a lot. It’s a lot. It just is. And all amazingly worth it and precious and just complex.

This was my second time I was able to capture Shea birthing and both times I’ve been in awe of her and her ability to be so present. I left the hospital again just feeling like OMG women are amazing and the love and dedication Shea had to bring her sweet Sutton into this world was just mind blowing. Shea-you’re a magical woman! FOR REAL.

I say it now and I’ll say it again. But everyone should witness a birthing at least once. It’s like a thing I feel like that kinda takes you back and makes you realize all the moms and all the women before and the sheer will and force that brought us into this world. It’s hard to watch a birth and not be in awe. #justmyopinion #okaayzzz

Congrats to Shea, Trent and Sawyer and welcome to this earth, Sutton!!

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