Random Fridays:::2007 Edition

I could have put many self portraits here that you would have laughed at. You would have literally laughed your butt off..so bad, so embarrassing..and yet so funny. I have taken some funny and interesting self portraits but this by far as been one of my favorites. I spent 50 cents on that dress and I got it from a yard sale. I took this pictures in my then boyfriend, now husband’s apartment. Must have been taken a morning before I went to class or something. This picture is so detached from what my life was at the point. It was full of stress and I had no real plan what I was going to do after college. It was a weird time in my life. Everything was up in the air. So, it’s funny that this picture is so glamorous!

If I’d be a rock star (my life long dream) I’d totally use this for an album cover. It’s good to know that when (not if) my rock star dream comes to reality, I will already have the art work picked out! I’m so prepared, you guys.

I wanted to share this fun blast from the past with you! I hope you will have a fun and glamorous weekend!

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