On the road:::Polaroids:::

We got home from a little trip to Asheville and Chapel Hill and if anyone loves a good roadtrip it’s this girl. But I must say that the drive home is always the longest. You have really nothing exciting to look forward to (other than seeing our doggies) and it seems it takes forever. Thank God for Iphone and spending some of the time snapping pictures.

Here are some! Bigger post coming up later on! Tomorrow I’ll blog a Christmas post! Can you believe Christmas is only two days away? (Us Fins tend to celebrate it on the 24th)!

I think this year I won’t be making any new years resolutions mainly because I never keep them anyway. I think some general resolutions might be to be kind to myself as to others, to limit eating chocolate to weekend (AS IF!), maybe take more walks and do more crafts. All those seem pretty manageable resolutions, I think!




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