rockin’ around the Christmas tree

How long have you guys been playing Christmas songs? Or how long have you had your tree up? I think I started playing songs around mid-November and I also put our fake, white Christmas tree up then. I’m pretty sure my father wouldn’t approve A WHITE, FAKE Christmas tree considering our tradition in Finland was always to go and pick our own, REAL tree from the woods. But you know what, it was never a perfect tree. Always one side was fuller than the other. Oh and we needed to vacuum at least once a day to keep the floor clean from the needles. But it was real and it smelled real.

So, there’s a little shame that now I  live in USA and I have a fake tree. A WHITE fake tree. I could have at least have a tree that looks somewhat real. But there are some positives to having a fake tree that cost $40. I don’t get allergies from it. And I don’t have to vacuum every day. Oh, and I can take it apart and put it in the box. And it’ll be as fresh next year as it was this year. Awesomeness!

In Finland at least in my family we celebrated Christmas on the 24th. My mom would cook an amazing, huge dinner with lots of goodies like carrot casserole, potato casserole and a huge ham. As a kid I’d eat super super super fast because I knew after the dinner I could open the presents that were under the tree. My parents still made me wait after eating dessert. Oh, it was so hard to wait.

I think this year me and my husband are going to imitate my Finnish tradition. We’ll get a ham and I’ll attempt carrot and potato casserole and this special salad. Attempt. They won’t be as good as my mom’s. But I can try.

Oh and the leftovers..I love leftovers. I know nothing better than eating yummy Christmas food 4 days in a row. Seriously, I love it.

I think this weekend I’ll just want to watch a lot of Christmas movies and eat a lot(goes without saying, doesn’t it?). Not that it’s a very old or traditional Christmas movie but I’ll really want to see Love Actually. I love that movie.

Here are some images of our house being all Christmas-like. I hope you all will have a great holiday time!

Next week I’ll re-cap 2011 and will get all nostalgic. But hey, It’s holiday time..being nostalgic comes with the territory!




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