Transitioning time


I’ll be a bit more quiet here in my little blog as I will try to re-fuel my batteries and get re-focused on 2012. I’ve already booked so many weddings and I just have a feeling 2012 will be the best year yet. Don’t you feel it too? This year there will be no huge resolutions since I’m really good at making them but not keeping them. So, all and all I’ll just take a day at a time and see where it leads me. Simple as that!

I hope your Christmas was amazing (I can’t believe it has been over a week since it was Christmas)! I’m still in that funky state of mind where it’s hard to believe Christmas is over but it’s also hard to believe it’s a new year. Maybe it’s a transition time or something!

Our Christmas was amazing..quiet and simple..just like we like it. Here’s a few images from our Christmas!Did you guys make any new years resolutions? Any good ones you want to share?



Meredith - Is that a Darth Vader mug? If so, that’s pretty cool! – – I have a resolution but Sean says it doesn’t count because it’s something I should be doing anyway. My resolution is to be on time to work. I am constantly running late and it drives me crazy. I come to work all frazzled and it’s not a good way to start the day. I’d like to try to be on time so that I can start the day right and because, you know, I’d like to be a more responsible employee! Happy New Year!

Vilhelmiina - Hei!
hyvaa uutta vuotta sinne! Olipa hassu kun huomasin, etta oon saanu joskus pari vuotta sitten manulta lahjaks tollasen darth vader mukin :D toivottavasti pian nahdaan taas!

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