When hiring a photographer

I’ve been wanting to write a post about hiring a photographer, the RIGHT photographer for you. I know especially when you get engaged, you’re overwhelmed by all the decisions and you have so many options in your hands. Should I go with the photographer my mom likes but who’s style really is much more old-fashioned than what I would like? Or should I go with the cheapest photographer because I’m on a budget?Or should I go with the more expensive photographer because I believe price equals worth? What are the criteria I use when picking a photographer?

I say there are 2 things you should focus other than what you’re wanting to spend when picking a photographer:


and when you have found these two things in a photographer: BOOK THEM (other people are fighting for those same dates to get your photographer).

I meet possible clients all the time and sometimes I feel like we just click..and other times it just doesn’t feel right. I WANT to get the client who’s excited to have me as their photographer and I want the client who sincerely gets me and likes me..as a person. I also want to get the client who’s excited about my work. Who has gone to my blog and is excited about the work they’ve seen.

I get emails all the time and I always try to courage people to meet me..face to face, so we can actually try to have a decent opportunity to get to know each other and see if we’re the right fit. I want to feel like we’re friends and that I’m there to make your wedding day more awesome, not more awkward or annoying.

At the end of the day, when you book a photographer you book someone to be by your side most of your day but you also what images that reflect you as a couple and your personal style.

(this is Hannah on her wedding day taken about a year ago. Isn’t she stunning??)

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