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    I want to impact people. I want to bring happiness around me. I want it to matter. Whether it’s a wedding, family or little kiddos I’m shooting my goal is to not only leave you with a set of beautiful images but a memory of an enjoyable experience.

    My style as a photographer is a hybrid between photo-journalism, art photography and portrait photography. I got my BFA in fine art photography and I aim to be timeless and one-of-a-kind with my work. I want each image to be unique to it’s owner! I love colour and fun in photography (and let’s face it; in life general). Having your picture taken shouldn’t be a dull experience. I adapt my approach with every client because every client is unique and different AND AWESOME. Some clients flourish if you give them more space and you’re a fly on the wall. Others like more feedback and commentary while the shooting is happening. I feel like a photographer should do their best to make you feel comfortable (because most people already are aware there’s a camera in the room). I chat as much or as little to make you comfortable and sometimes even snap when you least expect it to get the candid moments.

    My heart beats for my family. My daughter, Eila is my reason to be better, try harder and love stronger. My husband is my BFF and he’s quite adorable as well.

    I also love cookies, cupcakes, thrifting (people always say I find the best stuff!) and Netflix. I also love fresh cut grass (the smell is the best ever), polka-dots and stripes and interior design. Oh yeah and of course I love my home-Finland and singing to Taylor Swift loudly in my car. And yep, I love The Bachelor and all the Real Housewives! And Jesus is pretty cool too.


To quote one of my favorites, Tori Amos ‘like a good book I can’t put this day back’ in one of her songs.

My feels about Steele and Shelby’s wedding.

Congrats you two, you are so amazing and what an honor it has been to capture your journey!!!

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More from this adorable and super duper cute mother+son session soon!

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You guys. Sometimes you get into the depths of Instagram while you’re on a family vacation because you’re in one of your inspirational moods. And then you ran across Olivia and her site and you contact her. And I promise her I’m not a creep (or maybe I am since I was searching online for a model. So yeah. maybe I am a creepo.). And I was like ‘how about shooting together?’. And she said yes!

And the thing about being a photographer in Holland, MI where you don’t live, where you don’t know where anything is where you’re just like ‘I know I ate in that Irish pub one night with my family and I knew where TJ MAXX is if I put it in my GPS’ it’s kinda hard to find locations. I literally was like ‘want to meet me by this candy store?’.

And rest is history (also REST IS HISTORY might be my least favorite line of all time after ‘IT IS WHAT IT IS’).

(sidenote: I’ve caught myself saying ‘it is what it is’ like twice in a week. Who am I? And no. I just need to stop it. This stuffs is cray cray. And I need to stop saying that too. LIKE, JUST NO HANNA. NO!)

Anyway. Olivia. Mother of 3. Freakin stylish as ever. Beautiful. Radiant. Lovely. Sweet. Like I felt like I had known her forever. And she didn’t think I was a creep.

Like, gosh. I wish we could hang out but she’s all the way in Grand Rapids, MI and I’m here in Lexington, KY.

Either way. Internet is cool. I got to do a cool shoot and I made a new friend.


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I think I totally dropped the ball last year because I actually shot Sawyer’s birth and I don’t even think I blogged it. I’m always a bit slow and hesitant blogging such personal and vulnerable things as birth!

But a year has gone by! A YEAR. And It’s amazing to me how much a baby changes that first year (that’s why I highly believe in hiring a professional several times during that year to capture it). Like, going from a baby to walking in a year. It’s all pretty amazing. And also when you have your first baby…the evolution of  a parent and the learning curve is sometimes wild as well. Going from ‘I don’t know if I’m doing this right’ to ‘I think I’m doing this right’ to then again 4  years later ‘I’m pretty sure I’m making a ton of mistakes but I’m doing my best.’

Anyway. I’ll be sharing more from this session later!!

I’m just so happy the Hanna family again and again use me as their photographer and I’m glad to call them my friends! And it’s amazing to see the love they have for the little Sawyer-they just love him to the moon and back!

Happy First Birthday Sawyer!!!

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These two! These TWO! If a few words would come to my mind when I think about Jon and Allison’s Evans Orchard wedding  those words would be for sure joyful and cheerful! Like, just so much happiness everywhere, happiness and excitement! Jon and Allison were just so flippin’ excited to get married to each other!

So many times during the day Allison kept on saying ‘this is for real’ and I just loved it-she was so excited and in the moment. I just think these two are the cutest together and they really appreciate each other. And it’s beautiful!

You guys, I’m so happy I got to witness your love and capture your beautifulness (that’s a word right, RIGHT?) together.

I wish you so many years of happiness and excitement in your marriage!! Congrats!!!

HAIR+MAKE-UP: Casey Jo Conley and Sarah Emmons///WEDDING DRESS: Kotsovos Bridal in Montgomery, OH///BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES: David’s Bridal///SUITS: Men’s Warehouse///RINGS: Zales Jewelry///FLORALS: Georgetown Flowers///DJ: Randy Carpenter///CAKE:The Cake Lady///FOOD:Made from Scratch///RENTALS:Bryant’s///

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