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    I want to impact people. I want to bring happiness around me. I want it to matter. Whether it’s a wedding, family or little kiddos I’m shooting my goal is to not only leave you with a set of beautiful images but a memory of an enjoyable experience.

    My style as a photographer is a hybrid between photo-journalism, art photography and portrait photography. I got my BFA in fine art photography and I aim to be timeless and one-of-a-kind with my work. I want each image to be unique to it’s owner! I love colour and fun in photography (and let’s face it; in life general). Having your picture taken shouldn’t be a dull experience. I adapt my approach with every client because every client is unique and different AND AWESOME. Some clients flourish if you give them more space and you’re a fly on the wall. Others like more feedback and commentary while the shooting is happening. I feel like a photographer should do their best to make you feel comfortable (because most people already are aware there’s a camera in the room). I chat as much or as little to make you comfortable and sometimes even snap when you least expect it to get the candid moments.

    My heart beats for my family. My daughter, Eila is my reason to be better, try harder and love stronger. My husband is my BFF and he’s quite adorable as well.

    I also love cookies, cupcakes, thrifting (people always say I find the best stuff!) and Netflix. I also love fresh cut grass (the smell is the best ever), polka-dots and stripes and interior design. Oh yeah and of course I love my home-Finland and singing to Taylor Swift loudly in my car. And yep, I love The Bachelor and all the Real Housewives! And Jesus is pretty cool too.


A little known fact is that I used to live in Eastern Kentucky, in Hazel Green way past Natural Bridge. Natural Bridge and the FREAKIN AWESOME fudge has kept a special place in my heart since 2001, that’s for sure.

And I’ve always wanted to shoot there and Sarah and Stuart gave  me a chance to do just that! Thanks, guys!

I know I say it again and again and then some but I do get the best people to shoot and I’m incredibly thankful for that. Sarah and Stuart are absolutely just L O V E L Y. As soon as I saw both of them, just this super calm, secure and peaceful vibe came out from them, (I also think this is the first time I’ve ever used the term ‘peaceful vibe came out of them’). But it’s so true. They were happy to get married, ready to get married, peaceful and confident and just calm. It was beautiful.

And the ceremony was filled with love and calm. It was just so beautiful and serene with mountains surrounding the happy couple and their friends and family.

I wish you guys years and years and years of bliss and happiness and thanks for having Happy Photography Company be a part of your beautiful wedding day!

BRIDE’S DRESS: David’s Bridal///BRIDAL GOWNS: David’s Bridal///SUITS: Men’s Wearhouse/// BOUQUET: Flowers by Donna///CATERING+CAKE: Miller’s Amish Bakery and Catering//DJ: Spin it Live (Cortez)




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I just love shooting mamas with their sweet babies and kiddos. It’s such a unique bond and I love when I get a chance to do such sweet shoots!

I think parents in general (or people in general, too) don’t hear encouragement enough. But I think especially first time mothers (and dads) should get so much encouragement and loving understanding since usually the first year/2 years can be a wild ride of little sleep and being needed all the time. It’s special and it’s taxing.

So this is to Katherine and all the mamas and dads out there: YOU ARE DOING GREAT. You’re doing your best. You’re exactly what your child needs and your child is exactly what you need. It’s not easy. But you’re doing your best and you’re doing with a heart full of love. You’re a freakin’ rockstar.

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///LUCY///6 MONTHS///

I can’t handle the cuteness of Lucy!! Too much!! Can’t wait to share more from her 6 month session a bit later!

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I took a part-time job during my slow season at a cupcake store. I was there for three weeks and during those three weeks I met Brittany and Jens. And then they hired me to shoot their wedding. And come to find out Brittany was part Finnish and her grandmother immigrated from Finland. And then I shot Brittany’s cousin, Hannah’s wedding. And now, I got to shoot Brittany’s brother’s, Luke’s wedding.

Confused much, yet?

In short version: I should be called their family photographer. The official family wedding photographer at this point.

All weddings that I shoot are special. No doubt. There’s no discussion about that. But when I get to shoot these family weddings they’re like super special because I get to see familiar faces and with the Ranta family, I get to see familiar, FINNISH faces. You all know by now that I’m from Finland?

And especially Luke’s grandmother has a special place in my heart. Because you know, us Finnish women have to stick together.

But back to Luke and Emily now that I’ve already written an entire book.

Luke and Emily. Sweetest and cutest couple ever. Like from the first time I met Emily I just wanted to put her in my pocket because she’s just so darn adorable. And the way Luke looks at Emily- it’s just precious. You can just tell their balance each other really well.

And their wedding day. Beautiful, sunny and just full of happiness!!! Can we also take a moment of silence to the beauty of the Brown Hotel? Like, so classic and so timeless- a lot like Emily and Luke.

And the reception! OH MY GOSH! THE DANCING! So many good moves (that I totes made a mental note of and I’m going to put it my cataloque of awesome dance moves) on the dance floor! Like full on dance party 2017 happened. You missed out, I tell you.

Congrats Luke and Emily! I wish you guys so so much happiness, love and blessings for the future!!!


HAIR+MAKE-UP: Carley Randall ////DRESS: Tamzen’s bridal ////FLORALS: Wayne W. Esterle, In Bloom Again /// MUSIC: Randy Embry, Triangle Talent /// VIDEOGRAPHY: Jessica Denzik, oneplusonevideo///  CATERING:The Brown//CAKE:Merts Cakes


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OH MY GOSH baby Charlie is just the cutest! Like, cutest and working the camera like a pro! Can’t wait to share more from this session!

Congrats Amber and Justin!!!

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