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    I want to impact people. I want to bring happiness around me. I want it to matter. Whether it’s a wedding, family or little kiddos I’m shooting my goal is to not only leave you with a set of beautiful images but a memory of an enjoyable experience.

    My style as a photographer is a hybrid between photo-journalism, art photography and portrait photography. I got my BFA in fine art photography and I aim to be timeless and one-of-a-kind with my work. I want each image to be unique to it’s owner! I love colour and fun in photography (and let’s face it; in life general). Having your picture taken shouldn’t be a dull experience. I adapt my approach with every client because every client is unique and different AND AWESOME. Some clients flourish if you give them more space and you’re a fly on the wall. Others like more feedback and commentary while the shooting is happening. I feel like a photographer should do their best to make you feel comfortable (because most people already are aware there’s a camera in the room). I chat as much or as little to make you comfortable and sometimes even snap when you least expect it to get the candid moments.

    My heart beats for my family. My daughter, Eila is my reason to be better, try harder and love stronger. My husband is my BFF and he’s quite adorable as well.

    I also love cookies, cupcakes, thrifting (people always say I find the best stuff!) and Netflix. I also love fresh cut grass (the smell is the best ever), polka-dots and stripes and interior design. Oh yeah and of course I love my home-Finland and singing to Taylor Swift loudly in my car. And yep, I love The Bachelor and all the Real Housewives! And Jesus is pretty cool too.


Hazards of my profession-continuous baby fever.

Welcome to this world, Aiden! More from this session later!!!

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I had the pleasure to travel to Owensboro to shoot The Tallent family officially becoming a family! They got to adopt their four lovely children today and I tell you-what a moving thing it was to be a part of. The family, the love, the hugs, the long wait that has had to happen for this day to come. All of it. I teared up at least good 5-7 today and all from just happiness! Can’t wait to share more!

Congrats guys on officially becoming a family of 6 and choosing me to be a part of such an important day of your lives!!! I’m so darn happy for you all!!!


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MAX////4 FRAMES///

I can’t believe a year ago I shot his newborn session and now he’s 1! These kids, they grow so so fast!

I’ll share more from this shoot later!

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Sometimes things come full circle and sometimes so perfectly that you didn’t know they could. Nick and Seana were friends long before they became a couple! And that only shows that friendship is truly so important in marriage!

Also a full circle kinda moment is me shooting Seana’s wedding! I’ve know Seana a good (or most) part of my 2os (back in the good old Dame days) and it’s just so cool now to have shot her beautiful wedding and see her find the love of her life. Like, super cool. Just like Seana and Nick. YOU GUYS ARE COOL!

I’m so happy for you and many many congrats you guys!!

WEDDING VENUE: Walnut Way Weddings (Rachel Vetter)///WEDDING OFFICIANT: Kyle McLaughlin///HAIR+MAKE-UP: Camille Pase- Studio Salon, Louisville, KY///Dress – Something New Borrowed and Blue, Cincinnati OH///TUX:The Black Tux (www.theblacktux.com)/// ENGAGEMENT RING+WEDDING RING:Merkley Kendrick Jewelers in Louisville, KY///GROOM’S WEDDING BAND: Hannoush Jewelers Falmouth, MA///FLORALS:Joe Devers Designs in Shelbyville, KY///CEREMONY MUSIC:Scott Whiddon and Cecilia Wright Miller///RECEPTION MUSIC:Squeeze Bot///CATERING:Jarfi’s Caterings in Louisville, KY///CAKE AND DESSERTS:Barbara Goldman in Maysville, KY///SPOTZ GELATO in Georgetown, KY///RENTALS: Reliable Rental in Louisville, KY///



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It’s amazing to think about how I’ve been the family photographer for the Raymer’s all throughout their kiddos childhood. Like, thankful doesn’t even begin to really describe how it makes my heart and soul feel. Thankful and just like fulfilled.

Like I might not be the head of Google but maybe I’m doing something in small scale that really does matter. Like tangible memories of childhood that in one blink of an eye has passed. It’s super special and my heart is happy that I’m chosen to capture such lovely memories for my families.

Also both Tim and Meagan are like kickass business peeps. If you need an amazing graphic designer or a new website or anything of that sorts Tim can hook you up big time. And Meagan is a mega skilled artist and she makes such beautiful clothing and it’s her talent that has made me just realize that I should not even try to attempt making anything with my sewing machine because some people got in and some people don’t (I don’t, she does..just in case my point wasn’t clear then). You should totes check out Foundry72 and SillyFat 

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